• Transformable Smartphone concept
    Personal work, Jan. 2013
  • Limbo is a bendable Smartphone concept for next generation. Limbo is corresponding to the Smartphone that is bent quite freely by using various materials and flexible display. Limbo provides better usability and new lifestyle in the extension of existing Smartphone. 
  • Tech spec
    Limbo provides screens of suitable sizes when using various applications of existing Smartphone and mounting it on wrists at the optimum space coming on the one hand through 4.3” / 16:9 WSVGA AMOLED flexible display and 6mm thickness. In relation with Limbo, master button (Home button+Power button) and volume one are provided, and 2 buttons is offered to the place where comfortable uses are possible by condensing existing 3 buttons when using the watch-type.
  • Structure
    As Limbo is divided into 3 hard modules and 2 flexible ones, diverse interfaces utilizing flexible merits are possible, and usages of general Smartphone and watch-type one are available at the same time owing to proper elasticity of the body materials like T.P.U and hi-polymer. 
  • Colours