L'Énigme des Symboles Célestes

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  • L'Énigme des Symboles Célestes
    a tangible game interface
  • L'Énigme des Symboles Célestes is my end-of-studies project at l'Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique. This project was conceptualized for my interaction design diploma. 

    The project is about a video game on iPad, synchronised with a tangible game board. You play Zorino, a brave lama. Your mission is to collect six Maya symbols : they are in levitation above the level platform. Use your cubes set to move Zorino into the temple, be smart to collect each magic symbol !
    My experience in Montreal, multicultural and creative city, made me thinking about our relation with tactile interfaces. I chose this topic for my end-of studies project. These project had several steps and goals :

    -Technology watch, definition of the context
    -Research axis (brainstorming, conceptualisation)
    -Realisation and demonstration (prototype and communication)

    In addition to these project, I worked on a memory, named "De l'écriture au jeu vidéo : la dématérialisation du sensible". If you are interested, you can read it just here !