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    Mural design in Levi’s® flagship store in Shibuya
    Levi’s® invented blue jeans, and has stayed true to the origin. The craftsmanship with superior quality and attention to detail is the reason why Levi’s® is still on top of the industries from the beginning. Levi’s® is focused on developing the quality of products and offers timeless styles to every generation. This is an on going history and will never stop.
    Our mission was aspirational and ever-evolving mural design fused with authentic and timeless attitude. Levi’s® flagship store in Shibuya will provide the realness and continue to evolve forever. Flexible mural design is the key to create premium and sustainable space. Each frame is a basic elements to compose entire walls. By replacing images in frames and providing new design on the walls, joy and excitement are delivered to all individuals.
    Small square-based frames are rearrangeable and meant to be basic units to design walls. With 5 different shapes of frames, there are many combinations and infinite possibilities to play with images from Levi’s® archive.