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Fresh playful packaging solution for Lego Bricks & more collection of bircks
Let the play begin!
Multi-functional package is easily producable, logistically smart and durable. But first of all, it is is seemlessly part of a creative play of Lego world.

The Tower has been opened and the play shall start.

The Tower is made from corrugated cardboard with dual layered outsides making it so durable that the child can use the package as a seat while playing.

Part of creation
The Tower encourages children to add their own signature to package. This builds a bondage and creates memories both children and parents increasing it’s value. It also makes a reason for holding on to the package instead of discarding it.

Arranging the play
Lego bricks are easy to arrange by colour, according to the colours on the inside of the Tower. One of the halves is for white, blue and green bricks and the other for red, yellow and black.

Room for imagination
The Tower works as a background in imaginaryworld.