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Posters for the short film The Legend of the Mighty Soap
Art Directors Club ADC*Estonia Silver award winner in the posters category 2011!

"Opressed dirtlander Moses finds a bar of Soap from the river, that teaches him the secrets of cleanness, helps to confront his enemies and together they wash the whole world clean again."
Director: Andrew Bond, Cinematographer: Heiko Sikka, Producer: Evelin Soosaar
These are my first real movie-posters ever. I started up with 3 ideas and ended up completing all of them and so they turned into a set.

The font is actually Impact, but I redrew it by hand and scanned back in, just to give it some real touch and feel.

Great love and thanks go out to people who helped me with the technical part: 3D artist Anton Toomere, photographer Maiken Staak and fontlab master Toomas Savi.