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This a portfolio piece and based on a university assignment.
Premium absinthe from Switzerland
LE PÉCHÉ is a Premium Absinthe from Switzerland. It was Founded under another name in 1880 in the canton of Neuchâtel. However, in 1910 absinthe was banned from sale and production in Switzerland, and it was at this time some continued to make the drink in secrecy, to please the lovers of the drinks. In the social aspect, it was considered “The Devils Drink”. And this is where LE PÉCHÉ, meaning “The Sin”, got it’s name.

In 2005, the Absinthe ban was lifted in Switzerland, and LE PÉCHÉ was officially released and sold for the first time in almost 100 years. They kept their traditional unlabeled bottle from during the absinthe ban, and gave it a “new face”, being the label the bottle is hiding behind now. LE PÉCHÉ also got a new designed emblem, overall mixing tradition with modernism to create an interesting and appealing Absinthe drink and experience.