LAYERS Competition

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  • This concept considers the concept of “layer” as a product of socio-cultural space. Traditionally, such a product is presented as an authentic layer of a certain socio-cultural group. It is formed and transmitted from generation to generation. This is a deliberate and common cultural heritage. Such layers are characteristic of stability in the space of being.
    But, since the 60’s the 20 century, concepts such as fashion, public opinion and style of life began to actively move the layers of resistance, subjecting them to questioning and creating new ways to overcome the gravity of everyday life. Postmodern culture has exposed the myths an old age. Life becomes a playful and theatrical, and the development of information and scientific technology is constantly fanning the fire of entertainment and consumption.
    Hyper layers are associated with increased simulated reality. Hyper layer is a mechanism, which reactivates a transformation or simulation of an authentic product.

  • Hyper layers create new products, which include the following categories:

    - The interactive environment and art
    - Interactive Entertainment
    - Show-Life (created by simulation media and virtual)
    - Network Life (created by the Internet)
    - Informational spam
    - Nomadism (geographical and spiritual)

  • Hyper layers can be characterized by the following qualities:

    - Interactivity
    desire for user’s involvement.
    - Creativity
    desire to express themselves and demonstrate their abilities.
    - Accessibility
    an open and barrier-free participation.
    - Quasianonymity
    free regulation of anonymity of users and participants.
    - Cosmopolitan
    opportunity and a sense of national and ethno-cultural barrier-free.
    - Temporality
    temporality, instantly and process weakened the relationship between the participants.
    Hyper layers can be called a modern arrangement for the stories of everyday life, which is constantly being replaced and transformed under the influence of cross-cultural integration and scientific technologies.