LAUDER Creative - We Should Hook Up.

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    We Should Hook Up.

    The concept behind the update was to parallel design and the client – creative relationship with dating. In my experience both have a number of things in common, and like any good relationship communication is key. In order to communicate this idea playful copy writing and supporting illustration work was balanced with delivering real information about the creative process and it’s outcomes. Built in WordPress, the site and all it’s content is fully scalable and optimizes for viewing on any device (screen, tablet + phone).

    My main branding is more about who I am and how I see as an artist and designer. I started off with typography, choosing a font that had a strong structure and alignments, one that spoke to logic and balance. From there I paralleled the idea of how we read typography by scanning the top and bottom of the text while ignoring the middle portion, by removing the middle portion of what is actually my middle name.

    The use of cardboard as a secondary element holds a lot of personal history. Throughout my life I’ve used cardboard as material to create artwork. I’ve always liked the idea that you can take something that’s often discarded and turn it into something meaningful and valuable. The idea of creating value is something I aim to do with everything I touch.