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  • Lateral Thinking Factory is a bureau of studies and programming, dedicated to the achievement of better human habitat through architecture, urban design and construction. They connect guidance and expertise with decision makers, interested in changing the way they develop human habitat.
    And we had the opportunity to bring into graphics the proceses and services they offer, to explain to prospective clients and collaborators.
  • LTF Process
  • Approach
  • Experts Network
  • Mixing Table
    LTF has elaborated an original methodology branded ‘Mixing Table’ with the following objectives
    › help clients defining main targets
    › deepen the discussion
    › fine tune each cursor intensity in a coordinated way
  • Roadmap 
    Lateral Thinking Factory engages clients towards a successful roadmap.
  • Theme service
    Description of the Theme service: > Audit > Invetory > Kickoff > Workshops > Mixing table > Final recomendations and report
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