LARK - Gong is Struck

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  • GONG IS STRUCK is the 3rd studio album from my band LARK, released in August 2012 on Next Music Records. The album was quite different from our earlier work in that it was written primarily over Skype, myself being in London and vocalist Inge Beckmann in South Africa. It was possibly one of the most challenging productions of my career, recording in 4 studios and a church, managing mixes on different tracks simultaneously across 2 countries.

    A labour of love that almost killed us, but in the end I'm very proud of this album.

    "We allow afflatus to move inside of us..."

  • From the album launch tour August 2012 at Live! in Durban, RSA
  • From the album launch tour August 2012 at Live! in Cape Town, RSA
  • Ascending
  • We Are Growing
  • Inge gets into character during the vocal recordings for "Seek to Find"
  • Drum tracking during the final recording sessions for "Gong is Struck"
  • He not a Man
  • Recording the plastic string quartet for "Stole the Moon". Each speaker is playing out a different part of the string arrangement as if it was a real player. Then human violinist in the middle played along with the recordings coming from the 'fake' players and we re-recorded the whole thing gaining the amazing ambience of the church we set up in.
  • Recording Mandola for "Ascending"
  • Album cover designed by Hanno van Zyl