LAB.C USB Case
    smartphone, USB memory stick,
    and the Public transportation card


    Most Korean smartphone users use mobile cases to protect their smartphones. From that,
    we thought that mobile case which became must-have for every smartphone users should be more useful to maximize usability beyond protection or decoration. So, we observed behaviors and daily life pattern of most important user group, the young generations in their 20’s and 30’s. Of course, we could store data easily using mass storage system and services which contained within smartphone itself and we assumed that mobile transportation chip will eliminate all these problems. However, ironically most people still uses portable USB and traditional typed transportation cards respectively. In actual daily life, we found that in school or offices people often hurried for USB to transfer data, or lost small USB containing important data. We also observed that most commuters tried to take out their public transportation cards from wallets or bags on crowded buses or subway. In fact, most ordinary Korean people have similar experiences in their daily lives. By observing these situations, we thought that life will be much convenient and simple if we can  put USB and public transportation card inside mobile case. But, at the same time, case should not become thicker or bigger, and usability should not be compromised also. We want to make an outstanding product both in design and function and
    LAB.C is proudly introducing our new product, a totally new mobile case.

    LAB.C, a user friendly mobile accessory brand observing and researching on user experience, released a
    new product applying user convenience and life style. We invented a mobile phone case with USB and transportation card slot. USB inside the LAB.C mobile case is made of steel. It is made to function smoothly while inserting or detaching, and, at the same time, it would not be separated easily even on heavy shock. Moreover, this product is more durable than any other products in market now and will not be loosened by repeated usage over couple of dozen times. Last not but least, we tried to maximize user convenience by providing accurate space for the public transportation card inside the case so users do not need to take out
    the transportation card when they touch and charge the card. Providing smart user experience is our priority.
    Date: 2011. 12         www.plus-ex.com         Plus X Facebook        www.lab-c.co.kr
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