• la Corde à Linge - v.1
    Concept, interior design & global identity
  • Located in the heart of the typical district "La Petite France" (Little France) in Strasbourg, the restaurant is at the place where were the old wash houses of the city. Its concept is based on this past charged of history, and the design put in confrontation two different worlds inspired by the theme of laundry.

    The only room is divided lengthwise into two sectors treated in radically different aesthetics. The bar and high tables area on the left is managed with materials and colors inspired by the rural nature of the countryside's wash houses (wooden floors, wood siding, low light points...), while the real restaurant room takes its aesthetic from industrial urban laundries from the start of the century (whitewashed walls, bricks, factory roof).

    The graphic identity plays with the cross-stitch in a colors et typographic report who insist on these two opposing universes.

    P. Claude Drach