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a personal 3d project focusing on lighting, texturing and post production of a model.
A personal 3d project focused on lighting up and texturing a model that I found on the wide net.
Software used: c4d + vray + photoshop (for cc, glows and some final touches)
The work progress is displayed below:
PART 1: naked 3d model mesh / no lights and textures / default lighting setup
PART 2: adding some lights to lit up the scene + activated GI / already getting some nice shadows and gradients
PART 3: adding reflective / refractive materials to the model itself and environment.
Comment: had to re-render several times and adjust the GI intensity to get the proper light reflections on the model.
PART 4: FINAL RENDER. CC+some environment tweakings done in PS / Full resolution: 1920x1080.