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1st prize winner of the competition Kuwait 2061
This is the first prize winning proposal for the "Q8 2061" competition, organized by Arch of Kuwait and SSH. The project portrays a model strategy for a sustainable development of Kuwait. 
The present image of Kuwait's landscape is marked by the clear distinction between the urban settlement and the unbuilt territory, which features a desert dotted by oil fields and some green exceptions.
 This configuration will be then transformed into a new agri-urban reality: we highlighted the wide oil fields of Burgan and designed it as the leading feature in 2061 Kuwait. This area, doomed to be dismissed once the oil wells will be dry, will be fuelling instead the whole country of renewable zero-carbon energy.

Burgan will become then the Energy Core City, which will work in synergy with Kuwait City and a new belt of experimental farmlands. The ECC shall also aim to become an interational competitive research center for renewable energies and sustainable development. 
The urban principle is the re-invention of oil field's typical features targeting Green Economy: the basic unit of this new town will be the Solar Wing, highly performing yet elegant structures which, thanks to thin-film organic PV, will be able to turn the solar radiation into electric energy while sheltering the annexed residential tower.
The power grid will also benefit from the pattern of geo-thermal cooling wells cased in former drilling wells, while a network of infrastructure and mobility is arranged following the traces of existing paths and pipes.
 thank you.