Kuat Bottle Lock Ad Campaign

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  • The Bottle Lock is an accessory created by KUAT and a new innovation to the bike lock market. KUAT features the bottle lock as a means to decieve would-be thief’s, the lock is identical to a sports water bottle which makes it easy to carry around because it fits perfectly into any water bottle holder.

    We researched the product and company branding and found that their overal aesthetic is fairly strong.  This aesthetic also relates to the target audience that we aimed towards for our campaign. Their advertising for this specific product however, was non existent.  Furthermore, we took clean and refined photos that promoted the product with a “straight to the point” message, minimalist graphics and conversational tone.
    We wanted to showcase the bottle lock as a lightweight, easy to use, but still stylish way to lock up your bike.  Ads were placed in St. Louis, Missouri; a busy city with a prominent number of cyclists.  Our campaign will consists of advertisements that attract everyday bikers. We expect for potential buyers to see these clean modern ads and furthermore seek out the Kuat Bottle Lock product.
  • Items shown are my contributions to a group effort.  Other team members are listed on this project.  
    Photography by Jeffrey Bazzell under creative direction of myself.
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