Kırkpınar mobile app

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  • Kırkpınar is a restaurant chain in Turkey that serves fast food based upon traditional recipes of Anatolian Cuisine and this is the iPhone/iPod application that I have designed for the brand. The aim of this application is to highlight Anatolian Cuisine recipes, many of which are sinking into oblivion, and to create an interactive communication with consumers. Users of the app can send recipes they find, and share them with other users. From that, users can discuss the tips to find the taste that suits them personally. 

    In this work, I restricted myself to paper-clips, notepaper, ripped paper, etc., in order to give the impression of taking-notes in the kitchen, as if the user were in the habit of writing down recipes. In iPhone/iPod applications, the essential focus for users is firstly simplicity, also icons used must be visually appealing, so in order to attract users I designed the icons to reference things that users would normally be doing/using during their cooking.