Kristopher Ray (Personal Re-Branding)

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  • Personal Re-Branding : Kristopher Ray
  • During my internship, It really hit me; I had never really sat down, I mean really sat down and worked hard on designing a true brand identity for myself. As a Graphic Designer, I'm used to hearing other peoples stories and passions, and turning that idea into an identity that reflects upon their personal character. However, when it came to me, I always seemed to turn the other cheek, threw something together "eh that looks alright", throw it up on the site, "eh it's not me but it works". 

    So I sat down and finally did it. Thinking about what truly inspires me, and my work, I developed a very detailed grid system based on a series or symmetrical shapes and elements. 

    The Result, A logo i think really speaks to me, with a wide color palette for accent colors, I believe this logo has the ability to stick with me, and remain a timeless reflection of my work
  • Please feel free to let me know what you think! I appreciate all types of feedback!