Krispy Kreme National Coffee Day Sweepstakes 2013

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    In addition to our National Coffee Day 12 oz. cup giveaway in our retail shops on September 29, a dozen fans will win a free large cup of coffee every week for a year and a travel mug as part of our coffee-lover celebration. Enter once between NOW and September 29 by entering your contact information and selecting your favorite Krispy Kreme Coffee Blend. If you win, we’ll ship your coffee card and your travel mug along with a chance to win another sweet prize - a free t-shirt. Sign-up today with your friends so that they too can enter for a chance to win. 
    Personalized Creative Content (Foam Message)
    On the day of we would utilize personalized content to quickly generate an image with a user’s handle or name and send back to them as a shout-out. We will create a base image using a shot of KKD coffee and will add user’s handle and message as foam.
    Facebook Cover Photo
    To get fans excited for NCD, we will create a dynamic cover photo. Leading up the event, fans will see a new cover photo with an empty coffee cup that indicates the countdown to NCD. Each day, a new cover photo will be uploaded with a little more coffee and an updated countdown. This increases awareness as fans will see the change in their newsfeed every day leading up to the 29th.
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    Interface Design, Responsive design, Web design, Typography, National Coffee Day Creative Direction and design, Social creative content

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