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School magazine for Norwegian school of creative studies
Date: January, 2011    Type: School Project
School magazine for the Norwegian School of Creative Studies(NKF Trondheim)
The Norwegian School of Creative Studies is a school with many majors, such as 3D, photography, illustration, journalism and graphic design. So when we got the assignment to create a magazine to represent this school, it was only natural to incorporate every major into the magazine.
I made 3D renderings to apply to photographs and added illustration “ninjas” to create the front page, and the intro pages for the three different sections of the magazine. The “ninjas” represent that there is no boundaries to creativity, a “do what I want”-attitude.
I wanted to use as much colors as possible, so I added the imagery as background on every page to achieve this colourful look. The text was supplied by the journalism students and was added in boxes over the pictures. Every fold has a different layout, maximizing variation and creativity throughout the magazine.