Kranj City Library, Visual Identity Proposal

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  • Our proposal for a design competition of a new visual identity of
    Kranj City Library.

    Kranj city has a rich history of librarianship. Century old history of the
    Central Library of Kranj, by renaming it to the Kranj City Library, passes to a modern and multi-informational era. At the opening of new facility and the unifying all dislocated units under one roof in the city centre, the region gained one of the most modern libraries in this part of Europe.

    For this purpose, a graphic design competition was created to acquire a new corporate identity of the
    Kranj City Library. The objective was to highlight a modern and multi-informational approach, integration of diverse cultural and social events in libraries program and inter-generational dialogue.

    The visual identity is based on a logo, which is a combination of paragraph sign (¶; text separator into multiple paragraphs) and "at" sign (@; placement inside company or organization). The logo with logotype forms a new conceptual message —
    new paragraph at the Kranj city library, and referes to a new era into which the library is steping.

    In addition to the logo with logotype we also designed a letterhead, envelope, business card, membership card and pictograms. Those are written in the simple mathematical formula which provides additional information about the new philosophy of the library and are a good basis for the development of a wayfinding sistem within the library.

    Our proposal placed, according to the jury, second.
    Proposal was not selected.

  • Logo
  • Logo with logotype and color variations
  • Pictograms; User + user oriantation + using literature + content = Kranj City Library
  • Letterhead
  • Envelope
  • Business card
  • Membership card
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