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  • For Kraft's soft candy brand Tofita, we created a claymation website. All props and animations are hand-made and the plasticine usage in modeling gives the impression that the site is made out of toffee. The website includes more than 30 different claymation animations and small, fun interactions.
  • Making-of :
  • Credits:

    Client: Tofita / KRAFT 
    Didem Küçükemirler, Tamer Karabay

    Agency: 41? 29!
    Creative Direction: Seren Köroğlu
    Art Direction: Elif Kavalcı
    Brand Management: Didem Görceğiz
    Stop Motion Advisor: Berat İlk
    Stop Motion Animator: Mert Uzer
    Plasticine Modeling: Nilay Bektaş
    Production: Asya Leman Sanıtürk - Mert Uzer - Elif Kavalcı
    Flash Animation: Enis Kılıç 
    Flash Coding: Kağan Çam
    3D Animation: Alper Sarıkaya
    Copywriting: Alperen Altınöz
    Music & Sound Design: Zeynep Bozok


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