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Video, visual and graphic design for record label Komplex Sounds©
Komplex Sounds is a record label based out of Sydney, Australia. The owner Pablo Anon, has become quite a close friend of mine in this project.

In this project I am primarily the media designer. I did not design their face (logos, covers etc.) But I am responsible for most of their media work, which includes video, visual and graphic work. This project has been one of the most taxing yet entertaining I have ever done. I enjoy it a lot.

I am still on this project so this section will be updated throughout the duration, however long that may be.
While I did not design the logo(s) themselves, I did make this collage to show all the sub-labels under the name "Komplex Sounds". Originally designed to be a wallpaper for either a computer or mobile device, this ended up being the background on the "KSXTUBE" YouTube Channel.
A 3D showcase I had designed for promotional purposes