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Custom Facebook app developed for Kohl's for the launch of Vera Wang's new Junior's clothing line, Princess Vera Wang.
Summary:Vera Wang was launching a new tween to late teens clothing line called PrincessVera Wang. We created a custom web and Facebook app called “Your Closet. YourRules.” Users were presented with an unclothed mannequin and an armoire full ofclothing. Using the HTML5 solution we built, they could layer on clothingpieces, jewelry and shoes. Once complete, they could choose from our uniquebackgrounds and save their outfit to their closet. Facebook friends wereautomatically pulled into the user’s app where we encouraged the user to invitetheir friends to participate. If a friend was already using the app, the usercould access her closet as well. To keep the app fresh, we added new pieceseach week. There was also a sweepstakes component and facebook ad campaign tiedto the launch. It was also tied to their online store. At any time, she couldclick on an outfit and buy the whole outfit or individual items. Kohl’s hadjust completed another similar social project using Polyvore, which they consideredsuccessful. I pushed hard to develop our own custom solution and recommendedstrongly against Polyvore. It paid off. To date, our campaign is the mostsuccessful social media promotion that Kohl’s has ever done and continues todrive traffic and social sharing despite not having any new sweepstakes ormarketing tied to it.
My Role:
- creativestrategy and direction
- sellingthe idea and up-sell
- customtool strategy, design and development
- photoshootdirection
- socialstrategy
- gamificationand game mechanics planning
- ux
- outsidevendor (back-end development) management
- eCommerceintegration