Kitska Branding & Identity 2013

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  • Kitska is the brand I created to translate my values and identity as a designer. The best way to characterize the brand's personality would be: Friendly, playful, smart, elegant, accurate. While the brand's values should portray: Empathy, care, experimentalism, precision, quality and integrity. The visual concept of the logo was inspired by a cat, a fox and a diamond. 
    Pastels were used to suggest femininity, creativity, care and empathy. I used geometry shapes and simple lines to extract the essence from the original forms, having a clear minimal image as the end result, like an animal shaped into a diamond. The process itself symbolizes the essence being extracted and crystalized into 
    something beautiful, purified and timeless, which translates the way I like to craft identities. 

  • Special thanks to Jonathan Fraser 
    That helped me in this photoshoot.