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"The Loft Set" designed for KitchenAid appliances
The Loft     KitchenAid
Concept, Creative Direction, Photography Direction, Retouching
This KitchenAid set was designed to be an upscale loft on the East Coast. The collaboration began with the client, Jodie Miller, Myra Jewell, and Kristen Hiestand of the Shadowlight Group. Set design, construction, styling and photography were done at the Shadowlight Group and directed by Jodie Miller and Myra Jewell. Retouching supervision, Jodie Miller and Myra Jewell, retouching Jesse Holloway.
When designing, planning, and coordinating this project, I had the set constructed and built so that it could be dismantled, shipped, and reassembled at the KitchenAid main photo studios in Michigan for additional photo and video needs in the future.