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  • Sarah Kubis Architectural Designer                   Residential Design Projects
  • Hiring a qualified Architectural Designer can help take the stress away from your next home improvement project. Not only will you be hiring a professional designer which can make your design inspirations a reality; but plan each step of the way through professional architects, engineers, builders, contractors,masons, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, etc..

    New renovations are costly and take a lot of careful planning! While taking into consideration your budget, timeline, style, and personality I can provide you with a strong design solution to meet your needs.

    I value honesty, integrity, and respect with all my clients and associates, no matter the budget or scale of the project. My commitment to you is to focus on fine and elegant detail, creating unique spaces that inspire functionality and fit your lifestyle perfectly. I take pride in understanding your needs, applying my talents to transform how you live, integrating colour, materials, textures, finishes, and art.