• The Kiosk is an award winning semi-annual publication featuring the University of Kansas' premiere student art and literature. It is managed, designed and published by students and is available free of cost to members of the KU community.

    Designers: Jessica Marak, Caitlin Workman, Maggie Hirschi, Danielle Aldrich, Erin Zingré
    AIGA KC A9 Award and Juror's Choice "Being part of a large collaborative effort isn't easy. Having been on this type of team many times, I am hyper-aware of the challenges that come with it. Compromise and trust are two tests designers are rarely taught while in school, yet I believe collaboration can make for some of the greatest efforts...particularly when guards are down and everyone is there to achieve the best possible product.

    It's hard to know what the Kiosk team's process was like which speaks to the cohesiveness and beauty they achieved in the finished product. There is a nice balance from page to page and from front to back. The type choices, textures and visual hierarchy help to weave each piece into a unified whole. You can see each designer's thumbprints throughout, but nowhere are they expressed so loudly that they interfere with the overall chemistry. An impressive feat for any group effort, but especially admirable for a student endeavor. Congrats."
    – Dawn Hancock, Firebelly Design, Chicago