Kings of Mumbai' Carnival - Photo Essay

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  • Kings of Mumbai' Carnival - Photo Essay
    They Came,They Saw and They Conquered !!

    The biggest Indian festival known as Krishna Janmashtami & in Maharashtra State it is known as Gokulashtami or Gopalkala.In Mumbai & other major city like Thane, Pune, Nashik this festival celebrate in sporting way by young boys,men (Gopalas)
    & it is called "Dahi Handi".
    This is one of the dangers sporting festival,each year around 200 or may be more Gopalas get injured,But they do not care while they are in full force.On that day they travel all over the city on big Truck,each Team make "Human Pyramid" of 8 or 9 layer to reach and break that earthen pot which is full of curd and butter,without fear about any difficulties Gopalas do this for more than 50 Times on the same day.
    I salute to their firmness strength,guts & courage.

    Arjun C.Sawant