• As nearly every birdhouse on market seemed to come up as the same with vertical and horizontal prison cell look alike products, we decided we had to find new ways of living the birdhouse, for both the animal and the user.
    In that extend, our first researches aimed to find new ways of looking at one's animal:
  • The main inspiration we had, was to work on the visual effect used in the kinetic art which finds its origins during the Dadaist and Constructivist periods:
  • Marcel Duchamp, "Roue de Bicyclette", Ready made
  • Bruce Gray, "Cheborgie#1", Musical sculpture
  • Stephen Antonakos, "Hanging Neon", Sculpture
  • What we found very interesting out of this kinetic effect movement to work on for our project, was what happens as we turn around the sculpture/product.
    We worked mainly on quick 3D models to find ways to apply this effect to our birdhouse. 
    ...and we came up with this shape:
  • Prototyping with a manufacturer, every of this 67 pieces has to be unique.
    We worked on ways to use the woodboards having the less possible waste.
  • KINETIC COSMOS is an observation birdcage for parrots. It is meant to change the way man observes the animal. The alignment of the profilers triggers an optic vibration when the eye is in movement. The glass globes offer aquarium-like observation points. The litter is made with compost allowing fallen grains to be fertilized, thus creating an eco-system and clean-free cage. KINETIC COSMOS has been exhibited at the Salone internatzionale del Mobile de Milano 2011.
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