Killer Chopsticks

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  • Killer Chopsticks
    Myth and Urban Legends Narrative Book
  • The brief for this project is to create a storybook based on the myths and urban legends in Singapore using non-digital illustrations. The article I was given is Killer Chopsticks, which is about a rumour  that has been circulated around Taiwan, China, and Singapore. 
    The story starts with the writer, upon receiving an email about how toxic disposable chopsticks are, starts to investigate into the matter. After a series of interviews and experiments, only to find out that the rumour was untrue, thus the chopsticks are safe to use.

    For this book, to challenge myself to narrate just using only images, I tried using as little text as possible, only on the pages from the mini booklet to convey the massive information from the email. Another challenge of mine is to use linocuts for the entire illustration book, which I have gained a lot of experiences from.