Killer B's x Cannibal Holocaust

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  • Cannibal Holocaust
    Killer B's x Cannibal Holocaust
  • In celebration of the unique character of handmade typography and cult movies, Killer B’s proposes the creation and exhibition of a series of exclusive hand-screened posters. 

    Receiving a cult movie title at random and with a time span of 4 weeks. A poster containing a piece of custom type designed to suit your title will be designed and developed using screen printing techniques. 

    Having received the movie title "Cannibal Holocaust", the concept that was developed over time was to incorporate various different human body parts and the skeletal system to design the custom type face. 
  • Overview of the whole screen printing process from ink placement to placement of the screen to printing and finally a sneak peek at the underlying "finished" product

  • Initial test print on treated mahjong paper
  • test print on uncoated smooth white paper.
  • printing on t-shirt
  • printing on a smooth, varnished and treated table surface.
  • printing on brown packaging stock paper
  • printing on 0.5mm thickness greyboard
  • setting all test prints out to dry.
  • Final prints of the poster done on both a off white newspaper material stock paper as well as on t-shirt.