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Kiko & Thomas is the branding development for a company which likes to make people happy!

Kiko & Thomas was born to create beautiful parties,
either through the construction of incredible balloon sculptures
or the confection of delicious cakes and candies.
You can order Kiko & Thomas services if you want an unforgettable
wedding, if you want to make a surprise to your child, if you just want
to have your friends together… Anything you want!


Kiko and Thomas are the nicknames of two children — Vasco and Tomás.
Vasco is the older one and the "not so smiley" one. He's the shyest one.
On the other hand, Tomás is always playing with a great, contagious
and sweet smile.

The responsible for the balloon sculptures is their mother and this
identity was created based on these two brothers, having in mind a
graphic approach which could lead us to childhood, fun and friendship.

Kiko & Thomas like to make people happy!


You can visit Kiko & Thomas website and facebook.

Website designer. André Santos
Website developer. Diogo Bessa



"I am Kiko" / "I am Thomas"

"We like to make people happy!"





Facebook cover mock-ups. Gonçalo Leite


Christmas postcards
Three first images — Cover and back
Fourth image — Common interior

"Kiko and Thomas, who like to make people happy, wish you
Merry Christmas, in the warm company of the family,
and a Happy New Year, full of smiles, joy and achieved objectives!"

"Season greetings!"