Kids Treasure: Guide Book

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  • This project was to preserve a culture which was being neglected by the fast paced society that we live in.
    The goal was to revive and conserve the cultural activities by contemporizing it to our modern day and provide artifacts to archive these valuable practices for the future.
    The cultural activity that I will be concentrating on is Korean traditional games.  
    Due to the availability of computer games, children have turn their heads away from traditional games and have become internet addicts. 
    Therefore to revive the forgotten traditional games, I have created a guide book to introduce some of Korea's cultural traditional games. I have preserved 5 games in this book and divided it into chapters. I have also included 'general information', ‘how to make’ and ‘how to play’ page for each game so that it is easier for kids to follow and understand. 
  • 5 Korean traditional games I have preserved
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  • 'Kids Treasure' Book