Kido - Şarkını Söyle

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    Milk company Pınar's 'Kido' departmant wanted a karaoke application for kids. Also they wanted to make another music concepted game 'Sihirli Notalar' (Magic notes). So we build micro site for both of 2 games and named it 'Şarkını Söyle'. (Sing your song). There is a micro site, karaoke and magic note's game screens down there. 
    Enjoy the showcase.
  • Here we start with Micro Site.
  • Karaoke game interface and game screens now.
  • Piano game is also awesome!
  • Player can see their rankings from scoreboard.
  • Players won epic rewards like PlayStation! Yay!
  • At the end of game, nearly 100.000 kids have played both games. Over 20.000 videos published for Karaoke.  And more than 400.000 people signed in.
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