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Advergame microsite for kids.
Milk company Pınar's 'Kido' departmant wanted a karaoke application for kids. Also they wanted to make another music concepted game 'Sihirli Notalar' (Magic notes). So we build micro site for both of 2 games and named it 'Şarkını Söyle'. (Sing your song). There is a micro site, karaoke and magic note's game screens down there. 
Enjoy the showcase.
Here we start with Micro Site.
Karaoke game interface and game screens now.
Piano game is also awesome!
Player can see their rankings from scoreboard.
Players won epic rewards like PlayStation! Yay!
At the end of game, nearly 100.000 kids have played both games. Over 20.000 videos published for Karaoke.  And more than 400.000 people signed in.