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  • Khrōmat's concept allows people, regardless of their talent or lack of musical skills, experience through the visual sense and intuitively with music.

    The main objectives of this project are to get the user closer to the the field of musical creation, through the experience and manipulation of visual and auditory, involve more people in the music and in its production process, and finally, explain the basic concepts of musical creation through the visual/graphic language.


  • Khrōmat is an instrument or musical toy, an application for iPad which consists of an interactive graphical interface where the colors, forms, movements, and especially the way you interact
    and intuition lead the user to discover the world of music experiencing visually with the sounds
    and rhythms.

    The application consists of 4 main functions. In each of them there are different screens/effect options: Generate (to generate sounds), Synth (to manipulate the sounds or rhythms that have been created), Rythm (to create rhythms), and finally the Mixer (where you can mix sounds and rhythms at once, for the final production of music). These parts are programmed with algorithms, that provides consistency in the musical production process, and turns the app really easy to use.
  • - GENERATE: used to generate sounds, can be done in two different ways: through Fourier Synthesis, or through the White Noise.


    - SYNTH: is the creation of synthetic sounds based on the previous sound generators, by manipulating this base through sound effects (vibrato vocoder) and modulators (amp ENV / pitch LFO).


  • pitch / LFO


  • Vibrato


  • amp / ENV


  • Vocoder

    - RYTHM: from the sounds generated previously or from the iPad sounds library, we can generate rhythms through 2 types of sequencers: Pinball sequencer and Euclidean sequencer.

    - MIXER: It's the last stage needed to make music. On this function you can mix beats, sounds and recordings to create melodies and songs, through it's grid interface.

    You can add effects (Reverb, Delay, Panorama Modulation and Bit Reduction) in each of the sounds/rhythms/recordings uploaded, as well as stop them, turn the volume up and down, or keep certain patterns.


  • Finally, the user can learn about music creation and its manipulation using a non-technical, very visual environment; playing, listening and exploring the sounds through the visuals.