Khalid Tailor shop | مخيطة خالد

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  • KHALID TAILORSHOP | مخيطة خالد  
  • Khaled is a hard working tailor, who owns a tailorshop in Amman, Jabal Al Nuzha; a place where identity and graphic design is aprivilege for those who can afford it. We wanted to give this man his right of appreciation and acknowledgment for his work and especially his effort to communicate with his clients, despite the fact that he's deaf and mute. So, we designed him a "sign" for his tailorshop with an emphasis to the identity of the shop which is linked to Khalid.
  • The design
  • Custom lettering 
  • Sketches
  • The old shopfront
  • Installation 
  • The new shopfront
  • Credits

    Hussein Alazaat
    Art Director

    Ali Almasri

    Essa Almasri

    Dima MauriceAhmad HumeidRebecca Ryan
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