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  • Ken Rieger's Creative Portfolio

    Through my creativity and desire for right brain activity, I've had endless opportunities to express myself through print, web, environmental, multimedia, 3-D design, and fine art. This portfolio is a reflection of my activity and ability to conceptualize, design, and deliver creative solutions.

    Print Material
    (brochures, flyer/direct mailers, catalogs, ads, packaging, and trade-shows)
    Logo Design

    Web Design
    (user interface, animations, and banner ads) 
    Photo Retouching
    Illustration and T-shirt Design
    3-D Modeling
    Fine Art
  • Print Material
  • Brochure Design
  • Pall and Hertel brochure/folder cover
  • Pall and Hertel brochure/folder outside spread.
  • Pall and Hertel brochure/folder inside spread.
  • Cover and outside spread of a 6-panel folding brochure/map for trade-show.
  • Inside spread of map used to identify product throughout the trade-show booth
  • Pall's SLS capability brochure cover.
  • Pall's SLS capability brochure inside spreads along with folder pocket.
  • Pall Life Sciences Lab product family brochure cover.
  • Cover design for a calendar / planner / brochure promotion for Pall Medical.
  • The inside spreads have a transparent sheet on the right that contain photos of people from around the world.
  • Flyer/Mailer Design
  • Trade-show flyer.
  • Direct mailer with die-cut and activated sound when opened.
  • Pre-show mailer.
  • Catalog onset return mailer with Lab Rats Rule t-shirt giveaway.
  • Catalog Design
  • Pall OEM product catalog cover.
  •  Pall's OEM Product Catalog (64 pages)
  • Pall OEM product catalog custom illustrated icons used throughout each section.
  • Pall OEM product catalog spreads.
  • Pall's OEM Media Guide Catalog (144 pages)
  • Pall's OEM media guide catalog cover.
    The membrane ribbon image was embossed and the square exposing the 3D image was die-cut.
  • Pall's OEM media guide catalog section page.
    Each section's cover page represented a different membrane and 3-D scientific image.
  • Pall's OEM media guide catalog inside spread.
  • Pall's Laboratory Product Catalog (308 pages)
  • Pall's Laboratory product catalog cover.
  • Pall's Laboratory product catalog introduction page.
  • Pall's Laboratory product catalog inside spread.
  • Catalog cover and back design. Designed in 3-D and then art directed models positioned within the layout.
  • Ad Design
  • Full page global ad design with custom 3-D elements within gum balls.
  • Half page global ad design.
  • Full page global ad design with custom 3-D wordle block added to stock image.
  • Full page ad design.
  • Package & Product Design
  • Pall Life Sciences product box designs.
  • Designed the logo, door label, and collaborated with engineering in the overall product design.
  • Designed the product labels and collaborated with engineering on the overall design.
  • Product launch package that includes a series of illustrated scientific cartoon characters,
    insert literature, cd, t-shirt mail-in giveaway, and a box design with product inset.
  • VRI software product launch package includes literature, CD demo, and software installation disc.
  • Trade-show Design
  • Continuous 30 ft. graphic with raised outside panels.
  • Each 40 ft booth contained eight 16 ft hanging sheer banners. 
  • With a shark theme, each kiosk had a large shark cutout of etched vinyl and applied to light blue plexiglass.
  • 30 ft booth had a nature theme with a 6 ft atrium in the center.
  • 20 ft in-line booth with continuous graphic.
  • 13 ft pop-up graphic.
  • 10 ft. flat pop-up graphic.
  • 10 ft pop-up with 2 pull-up banners. 
  • Branding
  • Capabilities Brochure/Folder            Product Family Brochure           ProductSell Sheet

    A cohesive, simplistic, and clean brand was designedand implemented throughout Pall’s hierarchy of literature.

  • A sophisticated and impactful brand was created tounify Pall’s global image through print ads, web, and trade-shows.
    The overalldesign compliments Pall’s literature through its use of color, type, andcorporate identity.
  • Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • Participated in the overall brand/design of Pall Corporation's website, including banner ads and animated Flash banners.
  • 3-D art developed for divisional website banners.
  • Animated Flash work anniversary e-mail and web greeting.
  • Animated Flash birthday e-mail and web greeting.
  • Zukey Lake Tavern website homepage.
  • Zukey Lake Tavern website inside spread.
  • Designed websites for VSI and MHI. These sites are no longer live.
  • I designed this website for my freelance business back in 2000 and it is currently inactive.
    Time for something new!
  • Photo Retouching 
  • 1950's class photo (BEFORE)
  • 1950's class photo (AFTER)
  • Civil War photo (BEFORE)
  • Civil War photo (AFTER)
  • World War 1 photo (BEFORE & AFTER)
  • Wedding photo (BEFORE & AFTER)
  • Illustration & T-shirt Design
  • Team baseball logo design for clothing and a 2 inch metallic gold pin to be traded at baseball tournament.
  • Personal t-shirt design for large group.
  • Basketball tournament t-shirt design.
  • Personal t-shirt design for large group
  • T-shirt design for indoor soccer team.
  • Pall Life Sciences t-shirt giveaway for product launch with custom cartoon illustrations.
  • 18 custom window cling designs for Laboratory promotion.
  • 3-D Design
  • 3-D water type designed for presentation.
  • 3-D poster design for Pall Life Sciences global promotion.
  • 3-D wordle design for Pall Life Sciences global ad.
  • 3-D mycoplasma designed for presentation.
  • 3-D blood cells and platelets.
  • Fine Art
  • Ceramic vases ranging from 12 to 36 inches.
  • "Moment"
    18 x 24 inch pencil drawing.
  • "Bodily Landscape"
    3 - 18 x 24 inch silkscreen prints
  • "Going Home"
    18 x 24 inch dry point.
  • "Mickey's Mischief"
    6 x 6 inch dry point.
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