• Ke-Ai / Popobe Exhibition
    vinyl toy popobe
  • the ke-ai popome exhibition at 70 juta was a great opportunity for me to create a chinxxx and pandaxxx vinyl toy, 2010. photos courtesy of gavin goodman. this exhibition exhibited several illustrators and artists, of which everyone was given a large bear and a small one.
  • here are some of my prep sketches for the planning of the colouring. the first two images were messed up due to accidentally spilling thinners. the planning had to be made for vinyl sticker stencils and spray paint. it was quite a challenge by planning to only use black and pink spray paint and deciding what had to go first and when. it took about 3 hours for each bit to dry, so i was alternating between the big pandaxxx and little chinxxx. the vinyl dolls were finished with matt varnish.
  • pandaxxx and chinxxx together on exhibition. 
  • this exhibition was featured in vixxen magazine, january 2011. 
  • pandaxxx & chinxxx also featured in toy design served.