The project brief was to create packaging for a client’s consumer products. I chose to base my project on Masashi Kawakami, who hand carves woodware, such as utensils and plates, carved from different types of wood. He sells them out of his home studio, with no current branding. I discovered that there is an opportunity to expand his home business and broaden his customer base.
    · To create a professional, yet personal branding to encompass Kawakami’s passion and craft
    · To design materials that could be easily reproduced by Kawakami himself
    · To create a way for Kawakami to present his work, whether at his home studio or through a local booth
    · To provide an opportunity to be presented on shelves of small specialty stores, or in local craft fairs
    In order to address the first objective, I used rough, yet contained lettering as the logo. To help capture the essence of Kawakami and his work, I ensured he was involved in a two-way dialogue about the logo and brand. A stamp was created for the logo, so Kawakami could easily brand his business materials in an economic and convenient way. For the same reason, I chose to use craft paper for many of the packaging materials. It is easily attainable and it is inexpensive.