Kawaii Ilustration for " Tekwan Mak-Ngah "

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  • Kawaii Illustration for " Tekwan Mak-Ngah "
    Illustration for Indonesian food, Tekwan 
  • Tekwan is a fish soup typical of Palembang,Indonesia. The fish cakes are made from the doughof fish and tapioca similar to pempek. The fish cake is cut in small sizes and presented in shrimp brothwith a distinctive flavor, served with rice vermicelli,mushrooms, sliced jicama, and sprinkled with sliced fresh celery, scallion and fried shallot.

    I made this illustration based on Kawaii- Japanese- Cute style, and usually used for food.  This Brand called " Tekwan Mak-Ngah " because the owner is a mom ( Mak in indonesian ) and, she's a middle child from her family ( called 'tengah ' in indonesian ) so just say it, Tekwan Mak-Ngah . :)
  •  First, i sketch this on my sketch-book and so i scanning this one and convert into a beautiful line-art. 
  • And then, i simply colouring it, onto my photoshop CS 3 software.
  • Yep ! Here we are ! I finished ! addin' some feminime pattern on this, giving some simple pattern, yokatta !