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  • Katima'A - Argan based range by the Argan formulations pioneer LA MAISON DE L'ARGAN (since 2000)
  • Stardust Body oil - 50ml
    Formulated to enhance glowing skin (and gorgeous on hair too), Katima'A Stardust Body Oil is an essential beauty must-have that adds a shimmery, sun-kissed finish to skin. With its regenerating and nourishing argan oil formula, Katima'A oil contains golden and copper mother-of-pearls to provide skin with an exquisite sheen. Perfect for evenings out and to enhance a tan on or after a holiday.
  • After-Shave Balm - 50ml
    An ideal post-shave treatment. Soothes any minor irritations caused by shaving. Restores skin tone and moisturises skin with its high concentrations of active ingredients including Argan oil and Aloe vera. Soothing and refreshing.
  • Body Satin oil - 150ml
    Rich in Argan, this delicate, rich and light oil softens your skin leaving it supple and toned. It is absorbed quickly on application and has a blend of harmonising citrus extracts which leave your skin feeling soft as satin. Also contains anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and soothing properties.
  • Cleanser Care - 150ml (Nutri-Cleansing oil/Make-up remover) - 150ml
    For beautiful, clean, comfortable skin. Perfect for sensitive skins, leaving no irritation, blotchiness or tightness. Leaves your skin feeling protected and perfectly balanced - like you just stepped out of the spa. Its soft, light, silky texture is calming on the skin and removes impurities and stubborn make-up effortlessly. It leaves your complexion looking brighter and protects with its moisturising layer without feeling sticky. Product type: Cleanser Skin type: All
  • Crème Exquise - 50ml (for dehydrated, mature & sensitive skins)
    Katima'A Creme Exquise is the ultimate remedy for fragile, mature and dehydrated skin. Based on deeply hydrating and regenerating Argan oil, this rich, sensual cream restores suppleness and youthfulness to older or dry skin types. It is this rare oil, combined with the emollient virtues of Ahnfeltia Coccina, a red algae from Hawaii, and a generous dose of sweet almond, that will pamper your skin.
  • Day Care Cream - 50ml
    Give your skin the daily moisture and protection it needs with Katima'A Day Care. Its high Argan oil content reduces the visible signs of ageing while providing skin with in-depth hydration. Enriched with a sunscreen complex (SPF 8), Day Care helps protect skin from solar damage and the daily stresses and pollutants of modern life that are responsible for water loss and the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Eye & Lip Contour Care - 15ml
    Specific anti-ageing care, the Katima'A Eye Contour* restructures and smoothes the skin. The intense virtues of Argan oil combined with natural active ingredients helps the skin recover elasticity, flexibility and glare. With a double soothing and replumping action this beauty serum adapts to every skin type, restructuring the skins cells and visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines.
  • Facial Mask - 50ml (with Kaolin)
    Hydrating and protective, this mask contains Argan Oil and Kaolin Clay for skin purifying. Light and creamy, it also stimulates cell regeneration leaving your skin nourished and balanced and looking radiant. Perfect for all skin types.
  • Facial Scrub - 50ml (with exfoliating Argan micro-pulverized Argan shells)
    A facial scrub made with finely crushed Argan nut shells to polish away dead skin cell to reveal fresh skin. Aloe vera and Argan oil, leave you with a radiant, complexion every time.
  • Hand Care Cream - 75ml
    Combat dehydration, fine lines and general wear-and-tear with Katima'A Hand Care Cream. Delicately scented it has a non-oily texture that penetrates rapidly and leaves hands feeling soft and velvety. This anti-ageing Hand Care combines the regenerating virtues of Argan oil with the reparative, anti-inflammatory and whitening properties of selected active ingredients.
  • Argan HD Foundation - NUDE - 30ml
    Katima'A's brand new HD Fluid Argan Foundation is easy to apply and gives your skin the treat it's been longing after. Perfect for evening out skin tone, boosting radiance and blurring fine lines.
  • Night Care Cream - 50ml
    Combining an ultra-moisturising action of emollient and highly nutritive active ingredients, this rich, soothing cream provides your skin with a highly regenerative and antioxidant action, leaving it firmer and more radiant. Easily absorbed, its delicate texture combined with a powerful anti-wrinkle formula make it the most efficient Night Care you could wish for.
  • Perle d'Argan facial serum - 30ml
    This super-rich concentrate will protect skin from the daily stresses and pollutants that lead to damaged, lacklustre skin. The rich anti-aging argan-enriched serum should be applied as and when your skin needs it. Perfect for under make-up. (Argan based serum)
  • Ritual oil - 50ml (98.8% Pure Argan oil)
    A sensual massage oil with the added bonus of potent anti-ageing properties. Concentrated in Argan Oil (98.5%) it moisturises, restructures and balances the skin bringing back the skin's natural firmness. A little piece of heaven and relaxation.
  • Sky Toner - 200ml (Facial Hydrating Mist)
    Stimulates and refreshes skin while moisturising and rebuilding the protective hydro lipid layer. Alcohol free with concentrated Argan oil and Marine extracts, this toner soothes and softens your complexion all day long.