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Commissioned 'Tradigital' piece using ink, sepia pigment, crushed pearl, pencil, charcoal, graphite and newsprint.
A comissioned piece, a Tradigital piece of Kathryn. Mixed using Indian Ink, crushed pearl, Sepia Pigment, Cartridge paper, newsprint, pencil, charcoal, graphite and crayon. This piece is rather special as it is the first time which I have used colour in my work. I like to limit colour in my work as I find colour tends to be rather appressive, I like to let the tones of grey and white give the piece tone and texture something very subtle but is more easily created in greyscale. The work is also painted with crushed pearl to add further texture.
Thank you for looking at my work. Please, if you liked my work appreciate my project to help my increase the exposure of my work!
Kind regards,