Katarina Nyman - New Branding

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  • Katarina Nyman
    New Branding, labeling and packaging
  • Katarina Nyman designs lingerie that is bestdescribed as romantic with an edgy and personal twist. After getting to knowKatarina and her products Planeta have developed efficient and strongly communicable devices such as anew homepage, business card, gift box, signboard and hang tags to her newidentity.

    Challenge: To strengthen the brand and position it correctly on thepremier market by developing a brand platform that it is coherent with theproducts.
    Insight: To shift focus from Katarina Nyman’s shop towards an edgiercommunication with focus on the products in the brand platform has made thebrand more credible on the premier market.
    Result: With therepositioned stronger brand Planeta Design have developed efficient andstrongly communicable devices that have brought the brand up to the level thatthe products deserve.