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Complete CI, print and online platform for Danish airport, Karup Airport...
Karup Airport
Re-designed CI, print and online profile
Through the last 4 months we've been developing the new CI and online platform for Danish airport, Karup Airport. It's been a challenging project because of the scale of it. The result is a much more present profile and a visual platform that allows the airport to grow.

We've designed everything from the logo and the new luggage-tags to the website and paper-ads. Furthermore we've developed the entire online platform on a Wordpress core.

The airport is going to change physically with new colors, signs, motion-gfx, etc., over the next 6 months.

Have a look!
The old/original logo of Karup Airport... The client wanted to keep the graphical symbol.
The new logo. A custom typo was developed, and the typo is now a much greater part of the logo.
We wanted to keep the logo as flexible as possible, without forgetting the conservatism. 
Corporate colors
Corporate colors and typo
Business cards