• Kanata
    The Canadian Museum Of Civilization Magazine

    Kanada was a magazine branding and layout project for the Canadian Museum of Civilization. This is a monthly magazine published by the Canadian Museum of Civilization containing events, history, children, and international sections. The magazine’s formula is designed to appeal to Canadians of all ages, tastes, and interests. The name obviously comes from the original name for Canada. While masthead also represents Aboriginal culture, inspired by Western Cree Syllabics, the “A”s represent teepees, calling this country a home. Kanata is composed of four different departments.

    Teepee includes articles about Canadian adventures and historical events. Wigwam is about the events that take place inside the museum. Canoe includes international politics and culture. At the end is Moccasin, which is related to youth culture, such as sports, arts and music.