• Kálha
  • BraunPrize 2012 - Special Mention Award
  • Research
    In 2011 270 people froze to death in Hungary: 112 outside, 158 in their homes without having any proper housing facilities. Poor people, who can afford only to live in favelas are mostly the victims of harsh weather conditions. This is a serious problem not only in Hungary, but also in countries where people live under the poverty line and where temperature sometimes goes below 0 degrees Celsius. Based on my research, the temperature of the human body does not drop if the groin is kept warm. For this reason, I designed a product for survival.
  • Concept
    My aim was to help poor people and families who fight the wrath of winters and are forced to live in favelas. Kálha is made out of fireclay material that has very good heat preserving properties. It is made by local potters from local materials and the production cost reaches only up to
    a few Euros. 
  • Usage
    The primary function of Kálha is survival as it keeps the body warm when the user sits on it. When the Kálha is warm enough, the upper part can be removed and put under the blanket which at night also keeps the body warm. Apart from this, the Kálha can also be used as a stove: the wood inside burns for about 30 minutes and after the Kálha stays warm for 2-3 hours.