Kalender 2012, Until the end of the Age | 25x70 cm

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  • Kalender 2012

    x: What's today?
    Satanist: Dude, satan will rule the world in 2012
    Jill: Fine, but only because the world's going to end.
    Christian:Repent of your sins!
    red: Untill the end of the Times!

  • Limited Serie Lnoleum Block Print
  • Linoleum Print Block Design [50x70cm]
  • Linoleum Print Block Design, Letterpress & Punctures [25x70cm]
  • +  Available Hand-Made Print:

         Calendar 25x70cm - Printed on 135g/mq Ivory Paper, Letter-Stamps and Punctures
         Design 50x70cm - Printed on 135g/mq Ivory Paper

    + contact: info@omgwtfbbq.eu