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Kaleidoscope App Design
2nd year uni project. We were given the task of designing our own mobile app. 
This is my design of a Kaleidoscope app. All of this was created using ActionScript 2.0 in Adobe Flash.
The app begins with an eye at the bottom of the screen, each individual star spins around. Each letter of the word Kaleidoscope drops down and rests above the eye. Once the name of the app is spelled out, two buttons appear at the top of the screen - 'Information' and 'Play'. The information screen explains to you how the app works and what features are available.
When you press Play, you see a quick puzzle which gets the app in motion. The 4 cogs are numbered and you must click and drag them into the correctly numbered outline. If the cog does is not dropped in the correct place, it will snap back to its original position at the bottom of the screen. When all 4 of the cogs are in place, they begin to spin and music starts playing. 
After the cogs have disappeared, you arrive at the main Kaleidoscope menu. The image is of a girl, with her eyes as kaleidoscopes. (The Beatles - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds ~ "The girl with kaleidoscope eyes".) When you hover over each eye, you get the option to open the Kaleidoscope with the use of a camera in the background or no camera. 
No camera brings up a range of patterns which can be altered with the buttons you see at the bottom of the screen as well as keyboard commands and optional use of a microphone. Each individual object on the screen is either rotating or changing shape constantly - nothing is still. 
The colours of the objects can be turned on or off. The arrows allow you to adjust the opacity of each colours too. The microphone moves certain objects depending on how loud the sound you make is. 
The arrow keys control the movement main star that is seen in the middle of the Kaleidoscope. The mouse changes the size of it.
What happens when you hover over each eye on the menu screen.
Examples of how the buttons on the screen affect the kaleidoscope.
The option of 'With Camera' allows you to create interesting images. Whatever the webcam/camera sees is projected behind the kaleidoscope and blended together.
The buttons below allow you to change the blend mode of the kaleidoscope, giving you lots of control over different effects. In the camera version, the 'A' and 'Z' keys allow you to change the opacity of the kaleidoscope colours.