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    One of the basic structural principles inspiring the bag collection was a reassessment of closures and fasteners – with as few necessary accessories as possible. Each piece of the collection represents a particular idea of how conventional bag closures, front fastenings, or body strap placements can be given a new twist.
    The bags’ shapes are decided by their structure; this also means that the structure of the particular bag (its closure, its method of fastening it on the wearer’s body) arises out of its shape.
    The shapes this approach achieves are simple, though not minimalist – some of them are quite singular, but all have a transparent structural makeup. The angular bodies and the parallel or perpendicular straps and overlays create a playfully geometric overall design; the pieces can fit together like toy blocks.
    The second fundamental assembly principle was to give variable volume to the bags. This was also achieved through the simplest imaginable means: some of the bags can be folded out to the side, towards the bottom or at the top, effectively doubling their packing capacity. A single bag instead of two different sized ones is all you need on a trip; no plastic bag will be necessary when going shopping; the duffel bag will have a snug and elegant fit when empty; and the belt pack can accommodate an A4 file folder, if necessary.
    I had such everyday situations in mind when determining the sizes of the bags and designing the pockets and internal compartments – the dimensions of laptops and smartphones also informed the final appearance of the collection.
    The materials and techniques used destine these bags to last: The blue acrylic is a fully waterproof, premium fiber with a high tensile strength, UV protection, and a Teflon coating. The leather is similarly enduring, and all the bags have metal fasteners and cotton lining.
    The materials invoke a time when our everyday objects were all hand-crafted with conscientious care; hence, Kag bags are hand made and each is individually numbered.
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