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  • Issue #9 - Earth
  • Greetings Earthlings. Welcome to this latest issue of Kult magazine. As you will have worked out by now, this issue is about “Earth”.
    “Curiously enough, the dolphins had long known of the impending destruction of the planet Earth and had made many attempts to alert mankind of the danger; but most of their communications were misinterpreted as amusing attempts to punch footballs or whistle for tidbits...”
    We feature artists from all over the world commenting on the planet we live on. Perhaps there are some ugly reminders about our often selfish behaviour. But we do feel there is hope. 
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  • Cover: Issue #09 - Earth
    Artist: Adeline Tan 
    Country: Singapore
    Website: www.mightyellow.com
  • Artist: Kristal Melson
    Country: Singapore
    Website: kristalmelson.com
  • There is more rubbish than life under our waters. 
    Artist: Brendan Fitzpatrick
    Country: Singapore
    Website: brendanfitzpatrick.com
  • Artist: Damien Poulain
    Country: UK
    Website: damienpoulain.com
  • Artist: Antz
    Country: Singapore
    Website: antz-gks.blogspot.com
  • Extreme weather has increased dramatically over the last 50 years due to climate change. As the future unfolds, we are all at risk from mother nature's massive power. 
    Artist: James Roper
    Country: UK
    Website: jamesroper.com
  • Artist: Sashie Masakatsu
    Country: Japan
    Website: sal-s.com/art/art.html
  • Artist: Dorothy
    Country: UK
    Website: wearedorothy.com
  • Artist: Eric Foenander
    Country: Singapore
    Website: thetownjeweller.tumblr.com
  • Artist: Olivier Campagne
    Country: France
    Website: artefactorylab.com
  • Artist: Mojoko & Eric Foenander
    Country: Singapore
    Website: mojoko.net , thetownjeweller.tumblr.com
  • Artist: Ana Benaroya
    Country: USA
    Website: anabenaroya.com
  • Artist: Winnie Goh
    Country: Singapore
    Website: winnmills.com
  • Artist: Hirad Sabaghian
    Country: Iran
    Website: hiradsab.com
  • Artist: Moses Goh
    Country: Singapore
    Website: mozzgozz.com
  • Rainforests once covered 14% of the earth's land surface, now they only cover 2%. Remaining rainforests could be consumed in less than 40 years. 
    Artist: Debra Raymond
    Country: Singapore
    Website: debraraymond.weebly.com
  • Artist: Adam Batchelor
    Country: UK
    Website: adambatchelor.co.uk
  • Artist: Earl Barrett-Holloway
    Country: USA
    Website: thesquidcomic.com
  • Artist: Andrew Pommier
    Country: Canada
    Website: andrewpommier.com
  • Millions of trees are accidentally planted by squirrels who bury nuts and then forget where they have hidden them.
    Artist: Dewi-Marie Vincoy
    Country: Singapore
    Website: helloembrace.org
  • Artist: Jonny Wan
    Country: UK
    Website: jonnywan.com
  • Artist: Jordan Speer
    Country: Japan
    Website: jongreen.blog.shinobi.jp
  • Artist: JonJon Green
    Country: Japan
    Website: jongreen.blog.shinobi.jp
  • Artist: Jeremyville
    Country: USA
    Website: jeremyville.com
  • Artist: Gerson Gilrandy
    Country: Indonesia
    Website: gersonone.com
  • Artist: Cesc Grane 
    Country: Spain
    Website: ceskills.com
  • Artist: Nathan Walker
    Country: USA
    Website: alltheprettycolors.com
  • Artist: Nicholas Leong
    Country: Singapore
    Website: laqueeesh.tumblr.com
  • Artist: Ward Yamashita
    Country: USA
    Website: wardsome@nyc.rr.com
  • Artist: Yoh Nagao
    Country: Japan
    Website: yohnagao.com
  • Artist: Alan Guzman
    Country: Mexico
    Website: behance.net/alanguzman
  • Artist: Reinhard Krug
    Country: Germany
    Website: reinhardkrug.de
  • Artist: Mauro Gatti
    Country: Italy 
    Website: maurogatti.com
  • Artist: Vectorscum
    Country: Singapore
    Website: vectorscum.com
  • Artist: Woon Chi
    Country: Singapore 
    Website: woonchi.ong@gmail.com
  • Artist: Stuart Haygarth
    Country: Germany
    Website: stuarthaygarth.com
  • Artist: Hideyuki Katsumata
    Country: Japan
    Website: hidden-champion.net/blog/katsumata
  • Artist: REDSLIM08
    Country: Phillipines
    Website: cargocollective.com/redslim08
  • More than 40% of the animal and plant species in South East Asia could be wiped out in this century, with at least half representing global extinctions.
    Artist: Shi Chun 
    Country: Singapore
    Website: behance.net/shich
  • Artist: Deedee Cheriel
    Country: USA
    Website: deedeecheriel.com
  • Artist: Shanon Tan
    Country: Singapore
    Website: shannontzx.tumblr.com
  • Artist: Ben Frost
    Country: Australia
    Website: benfrostisdead.com
  • Artist: Ryan Jones
    Country: Singapore
    Website: ryanjonesart.com
  • Artist: Vako Valo
    Country: Antarctica
    Website: vakavalo.com
  • Artist: Iain Mutch
    Country: Australia
    Website: kingbrownmag.com
  • Artist: Campanas Brothers
    Country: Brazil
    Website: campanas.com.br
  • Artist: 1000 Tentacles
    Country: Malaysia
    Website: 1000tentacles.com
  • Artist: Sharon Yang 
    Country: Singapore
    Website: paynk.tumblr.com
  • The ocean contains 99% of the living space on the planet.
    Artist: Andrey Flakonkishochki
    Country: Russia
    Website: flakonkishochki.ru
  • Artist: Steven Rodrig
    Country: USA
    Website: pcbcreations.com
  • Artist: Zinkie Aw
    Country: Singapore 
    Website: awzinkie.com
  • Artist: Anil Yanik
    Country: Turkey
    Website: anilyanik.com
  • Artist: Naomi Tan
    Country: Singapore
    Website: naomitien.com
  • Artist: Vladimir Stankovic
    Country: Finland
    Website: behance.net/vladimirsartdesign
  • Artist: Marco Mozzato
    Country: Italy
    Website: gartenkultur.it
  • Artist: Killian Eng
    Country: Sweden
    Website: dwdesign.tumblr.com
  • Smoking Mother Earth
    Artist: Mriz Sidah
    Country: Singapore
    Website: twitter.com/mrizsidah
  • Goodbye Trees 
    Artist: Jabaone
    Country: Singapore
    Website: jabaone.com